Ylenia Preziosi srl

Ylenia Preziosi

The prestige of a handicraft history that opens to technology in order to grant creativity first, so as to turn an idea into a unique object.

A daring research that results in quality and originality. Ylenia creates accessories in brass and stones with an astonishing personality, capturing the soul of the contemporary world. Accessories, inserts, jewel appliqués.

Her creations have already been selected by some of the greatest fashion brands worldwide. Ylenia shapes the ideas of those who break old patterns and thus change the history of taste.

Each idea is translated into a project through a continual research that exploits cutting-edge technologies and high-tech instruments.

Each detail is protagonist, each step of the process contributes to its uniqueness.

Innovation serves the idea so as to create what has not been imagined yet, to anticipate trends, to revolutionize style.

A rock soul to be worn.

Ylenia Preziosi srl

Via del Gavardello 59F
52100 Arezzo (AR)
Tel +39 0575 383177
Web www.yleniapreziosi.it


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Ylenia Preziosi srl Ylenia Preziosi srl Ylenia Preziosi srl