Teresa Cambi

A small yet great story of Made in Italy

Made in Italy tailoring and manufacturing distinguish the young Teresa Cambi Firenze brand, established in 2006 thanks to the initiative of the brother-sister team of Teresa and Giacomo.

They created a line of handbags and accessories that are the result of refined expressive details and intriguing intertwining of materials.

Teresa Cambi Firenze outfits the woman who knows how to succumb to memories of days gone by without getting absorbed, but with the ability of finding her own identity: loom-worked or hand knit bags, in felt, satin, linen or in environmentally friendly materials; large or minimal to suit different styles.

The fabrics, all from Prato, are personally selected by Teresa, and are then passed on to Giacomo who is in charge of the design office. A workshop where materials are processed in the traditional manner, following every detail with care and attention: thanks to the touch of skilled artisans and the expression of creative sentiment, unique objects - never mass-produced - come to life telling the story of Made in Italy.

Teresa Cambi

Via Gobetti 2
50018 Signa (FI)
Tel + 39 055.8769043
Web www.teresacambi.it


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