Fustellificio Partenopeo

Dies for leather goods and footwear

Forty years of Made in Italy experience

Fustellificio Partenopeo was founded in 1980 and immediately asserted itself as a point of reference in the Campania leather district.

The company produces dies for leather goods, footwear, shirt, and glove producers. Moreover, thanks to its CAD systems, Fustellificio Partenopeo develops patterns for leather goods and footwear and carries out the most accurate engraving works such as 3D punches, stamps, plaques, etc.

Over the years, the company has progressively begun working on accessories, Positano fashion sandals and costume jewellery, without ever giving up the artisan vocation of its early years. Extremely focused on the possibilities of international markets, Fustellificio Partenopeo is characterized by the great quality of its workmanship.

The steel it uses is rigorously Made in Italy, the company’s highly qualified staff, and forty years of experience make Fustellificio Partenopeo a top-notch reality, which is already a well-known fact by the numerous Luxury brands with which it has collaborated for many years.

Fustellificio Partenopeo

Via Galdo Nicola, 7/A
80139 Napoli (NA)
Tel +39 081.5631315


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