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Shifting gear to the top

May 2015 was, in its own way, crucial to the history of the Caravel tannery, a world-class excellence in  the production of exotic skins for Luxury leather goods.

In fact, this has been a month of change at the  top management levels of the company: Andrea Dolfi, the founder of Caravel, has handed over the management of his company to Filippo Nishino,  the new CEO of Caravel and manager of the Kering Group, which purchased this Italian excellence in  2001.

Following this transaction, Kering communicated that: “Caravel has entered a new phase of  development to seize the best opportunities possible  in an increasingly dynamic competitive international environment.”
Leather&Luxury met with Mr. Nishino to discuss his  strategies, ambitions and projects concerning Caravel.

Mr. Nishino, what do you foresee as the next steps  for developing Caravel?
FN: Initially, we aim to increase market penetration  and the level of service we offer our existing clients.  Subsequently our goal will be to develop our client  base to progressively become an even greater point of reference as a supplier of exotic skins for  the Luxury market within five years. Fine leathers  are synonymous with luxury and therefore ours is  a strategic role that we want to maximize.

We are  working towards offering an increasingly customized  service to our clients, thoroughly exploring the utmost of our technical-operational capabilities: from the purchase of raw materials up to the finished  product.

How are you going to reach these results?
FN: The Kering Group aims to consolidate a productive  platform, with Caravel as one of the points  of reference.

We believe greatly in the synergy that  we can achieve together with other industrial assets  in our group, the last of which, in chronological order,  are the French tannery France Croco and the  Florentine Meucci garment company, now known  as LGM.

We will align the structures to take advantage  of all of the expertise in the Luxury domain  within these coveted companies.

Ours is a system  strategy where Caravel is destined to grow further  and be designated definitively as a tannery of reference  for all of the most prestigious designers,  including those belonging to the Kering Group.

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