FM Industries

Production of metal fashion accessories for the luxury market

Made in France excellence

FM Industries is a family owned French industrial group with 40 years’ experience behind it, focused on manufacturing metal accessories for the Luxury sector.

We spoke with the company’s owner, Françoise Miserez: «Although we still produce bracelets and watchcases, over the years, we have oriented our production towards articles for leather goods (bags and clothing, luggage, belts) and fashion jewellery, earrings and other accessories».

FM Industries is in continuous evolution: «Our industrial strategy – continues Françoise Miserez - has been organised to offer our clients flexibility, impeccable quality, fair prices and prompt delivery times. To achieve those demanding goals, we created a fully integrated vertical group, which enables us to have better control on our production processes».

The FM Industries plants are all located within a 50 km radius between Switzerland and France. The Swiss plant in Le Noirmont manufactures tools and carries out hot forging and cold stamping. In France, there are 3 production plants: Vercel (equipped with 40 CNC machines), specialized in  decorative work and chromium plating; Besançon, where chromium plating is done in-house in a plant with 40 employees; and finally, Les Ecorces, specialized primarily in the assembly and lacquering of writing tools (pens).

The strong point of FM Industries is its ability to have all of the expertise and equipment at its disposal enabling it to start from a piece of raw metal (rod, sheet, tube etc.) up to delivering a finish product ready for sale (belt buckles, bracelets, etc.) or mounting (locks for bags and luggage). «We are constantly involved in the development of new products with our clients – adds Françoise Miserez. Our design office constantly transmits technical drawings and prototypes in metal or in 3D print within a very short time. We collaborate with the most prestigious Luxury brands».

The FM Industries objective is to expand its business by attracting other fashion brands, which is why the company opened an office in Milano. A new point of reference that can be in charge of all the technical, commercial, and sample production in the best time possible.

FM Industries

Rue des Marnières, 2
Vercel (EE)
Tel +33 381563500


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