Fox Pelletterie

Production of small and large leather goods for the luxury market

Made in Italy goes arm in arm with training The Gruppo Fox Pelletterie, represented by Emmanuela and Francesco, following in the footsteps of their father Umberto Esposito and mother Maria Savarese, believes and carries on certain principles of the fashion-leather sector: creativity, talent, research, and innovation.

In fact, in the value of the fashion–leather sector (but also that of fashion in general) the Gruppo Fox Pelletterie not only recognizes it as the driving force of development thanks to which a system can be defined capable of functioning as a seismograph, but above all as a value of a multiplying effect for all the ancillary industries.

Bearing in mind that Italy does not have a very strong tradition of fashion-leather studies as do the Anglo-Saxon and northern European countries, the president of the Gruppo Fox Pelletterie, Mr. Umberto Esposito with his children Emmanuela and Francesco, together with Higher Education Institutions (such as the I.S.I.S. “Isabella D'Este-Caracciolo” of Naples) and accredited training institutions, carries forward an innovative training project, structured on case-studies that tend to encourage the next-generation to engage in other areas of equal importance to production: fashion communication, fashion science, fashion ethics, and fashion business, all using instruments such as Garanzia Giovani and training pacts.

These principles of formation are accompanied by the concept of “trade schools” where dignity is also given to manual and artisan work. The Gruppo Fox Pelletterie through process innovation and 4.0 Industry emphasizes its industrial structure as an artisan process with an industrial character.

Fox Pelletterie

Via degli Artigiani, 19
San Sebastiano a Vesuvio (NA)
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