Conceria Bama

Leather tanning and finishing

Campania leather innovation and tradition

Conceria Bama was founded in 2010 in the tanning district of Solofra in Campania. Since the early years, the company has specialized in the production of a wide range of articles for leather goods, clothing, footwear production and suedes, combining technological innovations with the great tradition of local artisanship.

Conceria Bama is a full-cycle third party company, capable of supporting every production phase in-house, making use of a highly specialized workforce endowed with vast experience and expertise.

The company creates a multiplicity of barrel and finishing processes, starting from pikel or wb, processing the skins with vegetable and chrome tanning, mixed tanning, white tanning, metal-free and ecological tanning, which do not require the use of metals, as per the current commercial and market requests.

The complete satisfaction of the final customer is the best calling card for a tannery at the forefront of its production processes, capable of satisfying every client request.

Conceria Bama

Via Consolazione Solofra,
83029 Avellino (AV)
Tel +39 0825.534529


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