Dean SPA

Leather tanning for high fashion products

Beyond the art of tanning: innovation that speaks of the environment and quality

A tanning production of excellence combined with an ecological attitude and an in-house organization that optimizes the production process. Active for more than 45 years, Dean Spa located in Arzano (NA) is now a point of reference for all the most important leather goods, footwear and apparel brands. The company produces lambskins of excellence following the dictates of ancient artisan art but with a profound aptitude for innovation.

Besides the quality of its leathers, Dean Spa stands out for its consideration in terms of ecological impact and the use of advanced technologies even regarding the traceability of its products. From an energetic perspective, much has been done to reduce its effects on the environment to the lowest terms: the ICEC ISO 14001:2015 certification acknowledges that the company is equipped with an adequate energy management system and a commitment to coherently, effectively, and sustainably improve. 

Ecological operations have been combined with the introduction of cutting-edge machinery that has also optimized the production process. Thanks to its constant product quality research, Dean Spa has obtained the ICEC UNI EN 16484 “Leather from Italy Full Cycle”, an internationally recognized certification that attests to the Italianness of the entire production chain and guarantees that the leathers are free of unwanted substances and made with the most innovative technologies. The ICEC ISO 9001:2015 certifies the quality management system, while the ISO 45001 for management and safety systems is also in the process of being completed.

An efficient management system in the production field enables the company to optimize internal communication and makes complete traceability of processing from start to finish possible, which allows the resolution of problems in almost real time as well as a service attentive to client needs. 

Dean SPA

Corso Salvatore D’Amato, 96
Arzano (NA)
Tel +39 081.5734850


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