Dean SPA

Tanning leather for High Fashion products

When the art of tanning marries a futuristic vision

For more than 45 years, the tanning production of Dean Spa has focused on lambskins of excellence, an activity that has made the company a point of reference for all the most important leather goods, footwear and clothing brands.

The production is carried out following the dictates of the ancient artisan art, but with a continuous propensity towards innovation: this is the reason why Dean Spa continually experiences global growth, both for its use of advanced technologies and the traceability of the product, and for the development of new finishes and implementation of energy saving plans with low environmental impact.

To increasingly optimize timing and management of production and personnel, the company is structured with ad hoc programs and innovative communication systems that allow scheduling activities and resolving problems in almost real time.

This translates into a higher product quality and prompt delivery times that result in an even more excellent and timely service for the client.

Dean SPA S. D’Amato, 96
Arzano (NA)
Tel +39 081.5734850


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