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Development and Production of Bags

Born in Naples in the 1970s, Ornella Auzino grew up amid handbags in her parents’ company, and over the past 10 years, has revived her family’s company where, besides being a successful entrepreneur, she is also a popular blogger.

At www.ornellaauzino. it, and with related social media, she faces interesting themes behind the scenes of Neapolitan leather goods production.

Why did you choose to tell the story of Neapolitan artisan leather goods production?

To contribute to the Neapolitan territory: it is the responsibility of local entrepreneurs, as well as the institutions, to commit to spreading a new culture. Recounting the tradition of leather goods production in Naples also comes from a strategic necessity to generate a more intense workflow that can benefit all of the SMEs in the territory.

How can the tradition of Neapolitan master leather producers be relaunched in the fashion industry?

To redevelop the Neapolitan territory and its specialization in the production of quality leather goods, we have to start from training by establishing a leather goods school to form young talents. It is also necessary to stimulate the collaboration among the companies in the territory and create an industry trade fair based in Naples to attract visitors and potential clients.

What means can give a new momentum to the companies in the territory?

It is important to be present in industry magazines like L&L Italia, which talks about innovations and interviews the personalities that really produce the handbags, talking about the real Made in Italy, namely that secular art of creating by hand and trying to make things better thanks to attention to detail. Another important aspect is having a web platform for interacting with vendors and partners as well as using social media: all this represents a fundamental long-term investment to increase the visibility and productivity of one’s own company.

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