Carlo Mazzoli

President of the associazione nazionale italiana buying offices

International markets and the export of Made in Italy

According to the AIMPES January-October 2016 data, the revenue of Italian leather goods fell by 2% in 2016; exports are stable and confirm the same totals of the previous year at 5.4 billion euros. We spoke with Carlo Mazzoli, president of ANIBO, Associazione Nazionale Italiana Buying Offices.

What is the objective of ANIBO?

For over 50 years, ANIBO has helped the world discover the taste and culture of Made in Italy: works of art that are created in small artisan workshops or in technological industries. As an association, we offer a complete service to foreign buyers interested in purchasing Italian products.

What are the driving markets for Made in Italy leather goods exports?

The European market is in decline; Russia is back on track after a long crisis. Exports to Japan and South Korea are excellent, which confirms their interest in Italian leather goods. The emerging markets include the Ivory Coast and Nigeria, with the latter being very interested in footwear. The main driving force of the market remains the American one, which moves more both in volumes and in revenue. For the footwear-leather goods sector, the volume of business that transited through the ANIBO offices in 2016 was 176 million, of which 69 million in Tuscany.

How can SMEs approach the international markets?

It is necessary to create networks with the players who are in contact with foreign buyers, like our association, but also with the institutions that point on the incoming. In an era where 20% of purchases are made online and from mobile technology, it is also essential for them to be equipped with technological instruments and promotion to attract the foreign market: the American buyers, for example, first assess the company websites.

Carlo Mazzoli



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