Giacomo Cioni - Presidente CNA di Firenze

New forms of support for the development of Florentine artisanship and SMEs

The International Charter of Artistic Artisanship has recently been signed in Florence. What is it?

It is a first agreement for the construction of strategies for the development, enhancement and promotion of artistic artisanship at a national and international level. Greater communication and promotion are among the objectives; specific and customized projects of internationalization and marketing; ad hoc innovative directions; relations with the world of training.

In the field of training, what interventions does the Cna Firenze foresee?

As the Cna Firenze, together with lead partner Sophia, we have promoted the professional paths of the Cool Fashion project, which brings the hours of training within the artisan company, and provides courses of qualification, certification and continuing education for entrepreneurs and employees. In addition, our school workshops accredited by the Region, are involved in the bids for young aspiring artisans.

How can the web help SMEs? 

Digitization and innovation are two key words for the future of companies. The Region of Tuscany approved the bid for the “Support of micro and SMEs for the acquisition of services for innovation” which will start in 2018, with the aim of supporting companies in the acquisition of innovation services and for strategic or experimental projects. As the Cna Firenze, we will build a mobile application, useful for the relationship of our businesses and for communicating what we do with our associates.


Giacomo Cioni - Presidente CNA di Firenze



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