Tomaificio Nuova cabor sas

Production of uppers for the footwear industry

Masters of Made in Italy uppers

Maintaining high quality standards in manufacturing for almost forty years is no easy feat. The Nuova Cabor uppers manufacturer is one of the companies that can boast this distinction and therefore characterizes itself among the true specialists of footwear manufacturing. In its modern and renovated headquarters in Santa Maria a Monte (PI), Cabor offers its clients a complete range of processes that combines fine artisan expertise with the technological innovation needed to remain competitive at high levels.

Since 2017, the company has enhanced its technological equipment with the most advanced automatic leather cutting system.

Machinery that uses the most advanced laser and computer technology, ranking it fully as a “4.0 Industry”. Production processes such as cutting, binding and lasting are the crowning achievements of the Nuova Cabor uppers manufacturer. In addition, there are also other valued and time-honoured upper processes such as dyeing, glazing and hot grooving as well as special finishes such as the belt effect.

In 2015, the Region of Tuscany conferred the owner of Nuova Cabor with the qualification of “Master Artisan” and the company with the “Bottega Scuola” qualification, in compliance with current regional regulations.

Finally, in 2017, new Cabor obtained the prestigious SA 8000 certification.

Tomaificio Nuova cabor sas

Via Provinciale Francesca, 126/A
56022 Santa maria a monte (PI)
Tel +39 0587/706432


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