David Rulli

The appeal of the made in Italy

Once again, Leather & Luxury meets with David Rulli, President of the Leather Goods section of Confindustria Florence, elected at the beginning of 2016 among Italian leather goods manufacturers. We spoke with him about the new agreement signed in May 2017 between Confindustria Florence and Aimpes, international brands, and trends in the leather industry.

What does the agreement between Confindustria Florence and Aimpes improve in terms of services for companies?
«The improvements will be manifold: the first year that members join one association, they will automatically be members of the other, and companies will be able to benefit from services offered by both.

They will have a much wider range of options than before and will be able to experience the merits of both associations first-hand.
Moreover, Aimpes has reopened an office at our headquarters, in order to be closer to the production centre to offer all the support that companies may need».

Brands continue to invest in our territory, not only by bringing their production to Tuscany. In this perspective, what does the future of this sector hold?

«Without a doubt, a majority of brands recognize that the companies in our territory are capable of interpreting their style, know how to uphold their quality, and can satisfy their needs in terms of responsiveness and timing, both for sample making and production.

I believe that, now more than ever, the ability to satisfy the constant evolution of collections, whose over- all numbers grow yet experience an increase in the fragmentation of models, colours, and styles, offer our companies the opportunity to still be appealing and fundamental for those who aim for the “see now-buy now” or the “one shop/one customer” concept.

Of course, the fact that many brands are purchasing and/ or creating manufacturing facilities throws a shadow of concern on the world of third-party manufacturers. This is why, in my opinion, we must try to reach critical mass, by growing in size or organizing networks and/ or associations in order to overcome the difficulties».

In your opinion, can the so-called “reshoring” implemented by some Italian companies (reinstating production from abroad to Italy) have a greater appeal for brands?

«While it is certainly true that Made in Italy still has an important value (we are still waiting for our governments to succeed in obtaining recognition at the European level), I think that a great deal is also due to what I said before. Our companies are capable of being much more responsive and resilient than our competitors abroad, without losing in quality and delivery times».

David Rulli

Firenze (FI)


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