Guardolificio Lucchese

Mignon, braids, and welts for the footwear and leather goods sectors

Over 50 years of Made in Italy quality

Guardolificio Lucchese, a company located in Segromigno in Monte (LU), was founded in 1961 on the initiative of Tommaso Mattioli who conveyed the secrets of the trade to his two sons, Pio and Tonj, who began working in the company at a very young age.

Today, the two brothers together with their mother and a staff of 30 employees carry on the family tradition. Guardolificio Lucchese specialises in the creation of mignon, braids elastics, and welts for the footwear and Luxury leather goods sector.

The high quality of the workmanship and personalized service are the company’s strengths, which, starting from a large sample base, can create any type of customized work required by the client.

Considerable dexterity is the fundamental component of the work done at Guardolificio Lucchese, which gives life to works of excellence thanks to the consolidated artisan expertise gained over 50 years of activity.

Guardolificio Lucchese

Via Nuova, 60
Segromigno in Monte (LU)
Tel +39 0583.929295


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