Archivio Giannini

Consultancy and clothing rental for companies

The Fashion time machine

One of the unwritten rules of Fashion, throughout history, is that trends and styles are cyclic: almost everything returns, eventually. Revival effect, nostalgia, or vintage are terms that are used every day among fashion industry specialists and fashion consumers, with big brand designers who are eager to try intercepting the right trend to re-propose in their collections.Archivio Giannini has been ingeniously wedged in this request for years, proposing itself as a gold mine for companies looking for ideas.

This is a consultancy service and clothing and accessory rental that bases its own richness and uniqueness on a historic archive of garments that span more than a century of Fashion history. Thousands of garments to view, touch, wear, smell, and admire, arranged within a prestigious location, stored in such a way as to whet the curiosity of the creative in search of an epiphany.

Within the dazzling Archivio Giannini space, the stimuli are manifold: you travel back in time, enraptured by clothes that, if they could speak, would tell wonderful stories. Like a Museum, more than a Museum, available to all the world’s designers. And not just.


Archivio Giannini

Via Calatafimi, 21
Loc. Montemurlo (PO)
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