SAF Stabilimenti Artistici Fiorentini

Production of medals, badges, plaques and metal accessories

Great small works of art imprinted on metal

Since 1927, Stabilimenti Artistici Fiorentini has worked precious metals, producing medals, badges, plaques, etc. High quality machining processes carried out first by Enrico Giacomelli followed by his son Umberto, who led the company to the highest levels, working for sports federations, banks, the Chamber of Commerce, Alitalia and even for CONI, having created the symbol of the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960. Today, Umberto’s daughter Cristina runs the company, putting the company’s 90 years of professionalism at the service of longstanding clients as well as famous fashion brands that want to embellish their bags and footwear with veritable small works of art.

With a dedicated staff of engravers and traditional machinery, the company designs the right cast to print on any type of metal, in series or single pieces. This is how the company creates exclusive products of high artistic quality with attention paid to the smallest details.

SAF Stabilimenti Artistici Fiorentini

Via Pratese, 40 A/B
Firenze (FI)
Tel +39 055.317200


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