Consultancy and production of recycled luxury accessories and bags for high fashion

When creative eco-recycling becomes fashion

Q-ella reflects the creativity and perseverance of its founder Bettina Grampa, whose professional life is interspersed with collaborations with important fashion houses, first as a textile and material research manager, then as an external consultant. Her more than thirty years of experience and intense passion for materials now converge in Q-ella, a project that proposes a luxury eco-recycling line of accessories, bags and jewellery, made with residue materials and embellished with small metal Made in Italy parts and precious materials.

Used denim, salvaged inner tubes, feathers, and semi- precious stones painted with acrylics are stylishly combined with precious metals to give life to handmade veritable works of art. “Recreating and reinventing ourselves continually” is the motto of Bettina who offers her consultancy to every brand that wants to explore the world of luxury eco-recycling to give a new life to residue materials without sacrificing quality.


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