M.F. di Mascagni & Fagioli

Soldering and assembly of metal accessories

Soldering Made in Italy

Marzio Fagioli and Fabio Mascagni’s M.F. company began its adventure in 1978, specializing the soldering of accessories for leather goods and clothing. Over the years, the evolution of M.F. coincided with several changes of location, most recently in 2007 where a specialized staff of twenty currently works. In 2009, Marzio Fagioli stepped down and was replaced by his son Gianni Fagioli.

The clients who turn to M.F. are national and international high-end market brands, for which the company is capable of carrying out all of the processing phases related to the soldering and assembly of metal accessories. The semi-finished rough parts such as belt buckles, zippers for handbags, keychains, and wallet clips are processed at fifteen soldering benches with skill and professionalism: an important productive company, with all of the benefits that Made in Italy has to offer.

Quality, prompt and punctual delivery, as well as speed and flexibility are the cornerstones of an experienced and dynamic company that has known how to pass down its expertise over time, in the name of excellence.

M.F. di Mascagni & Fagioli

Via Elba ,19/21
Levane (AR)
Tel +39 055.9102256


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