Grafic Cromia

Galvanic plating for fashion accessories, costume jewellery and jewellery

Passion and professionalism at the service of its clients

For over twenty years, Grafic Cromia has carried out galvanic plating using the most modern industrial processes on gold, silver, zama, aluminium, bronze, iron and brass and in various finishes such as gold, rose gold, red gold, silver, rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, bronze, white and vintage effect.

Creating specifications customized to meeting client needs and production speed are the strengths of the company, which has 27 specialized employees and a 1000 m2 plant. Focusing on Made in Italy artisanship, Grafic Cromia is continually researching new finishes and galvanic baths.

The company is also equipped with a high-tech computerized system, to guarantee high qualitative and quantitative product standards. The quality of the manufacturing process is ensured by the constant monitoring of electroplating baths and x-ray measurements, executed with Oxford machinery to certify the thickness deposited during the galvanic phase, of both precious and non-precious platings.

Grafic Cromia

Via XXV Aprile, 76/78
Monte San Savino (AR)
Tel +39 0575.815623


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