Santini SRL

Metal fashion accessories

Accessories for the Luxury market

Santini Srl is a longstanding company, specialized in the production of metal fashion accessories for the Luxury market. Founded in 1968 by Mario Santini, the company was initially born to create gifts and articles related to costume jewellery. Over the years, the company has diversified its core business reconverting it into an excellence in the sector of small metal parts for the fashion industry. Santini Srl has refined its expertise enabling it to support its clients, mainly high-end brands, starting from prototyping up to product industrialization.

A punctual organization, attentive to every detail, which allows Santini Srl to solve any problems already in the design phase of the accessory.

Technology combined with artisan workmanship of some processes is another one of the keys of the company’s express excellence: six CNC machining centres, a lathe, and a laser for branding is only some  of the equipment used by the Santini Srl staff to carry out absolute precision processes. As for the galvanic processing of accessories, the company relies on trustworthy external suppliers with whom it fully studies ad hoc solutions for each client. The company’s choice to distribute a part of its work externally allows it to be competitive and flexible in a market that calls for continuous adaptations in terms of work volumes. This allows the company to reduce production costs and to give clients a product that satisfies them in terms of cost and quality. Technology, but also research: Santini Srl pays special attention to the study of innovative finishes for metal accessories. An incessant activity that has recently led the company to create lines of accessories characterized by technical solutions and special finishes that combine artisanship with innovation. One step further in the wake of real Made in Italy.

Santini SRL

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