Gruppo Materia Firenze

Creating accessories for high fashion brands

Metal and wood are moulded into icons of style


Specialized in perfecting every detail of entirely Made in Italy accessories. This is the calling card of Gruppo Materia Firenze.

A leader in the design and manufacturing of accessories for high fashion brands, the company has three business units, three companies dedicated to the processing of metal and wood, bamboo, and precious finishes. Materia Firenze Fashion Accessories, Materia Firenze Lab, and Medò Wood and Bamboo (which stands out for its artisanship and technology) are three companies characterised by expertise, experience, and specialized skills, capable of bringing designers’ dreams to life and, when the project requires it, working in perfect synergy, offering a unique point of reference to guarantee the absolute quality of the final product.

With over 4 thousand square metres of production departments and more than 100 employees, Gruppo Materia Firenze was founded on the intuition and the twenty-year experience of Mattia Chiarelli and Stefano Viviani and is now an increasingly competitive company thanks to continuous investments in technological innovation and highly specialised personnel.

Materia Firenze Lab specializes in galvanic treatments with precious applications, starting with classic gold or palladium to vintage finishes, also guaranteeing hypoallergenic processing upon request. «Our completely renovated and technologically advanced industrial area ensures high production and safety standards from a quality, efficiency and reduced environmental impact perspective.  In the prototyping phase, feasibility studies and technical cost analysis are also carried out. Once they are approved and the physical prototype is created, the next step is the sample phase, where we can produce from 3 to 30,000 pieces according to brands’ needs. People are our greatest resources».

Gruppo Materia Firenze takes care of its clients from the prototype to production, during every phase of the production cycle to make designers’ ideas become a reality.

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