Lavorazioni Galvaniche Fiorentine

Surface finishes of metals

Quality at the service of high fashion

LGF has now become an institution in the world of roto galvanics and the surface finishing of metals.

The excellent reputation that LGF currently enjoys is to be found mainly in the impeccable quality of the products it offers. LGF chooses to interface with both the Italian and foreign high fashion markets, for which it proudly manages to satisfy the highest canons of quality.

The secret of LGF is to never be satisfied with the excellent results it has achieved, with the objective of reaching continuous and perpetual business growth.

The goal of LGF is to surpass the standards of excellence that it has imposed on the market over time, constantly improving.

Recently, LGF has focused and specialized in the processing of small parts for high fashion. In fact, the luxury market increasingly seeks small accessories for footwear, leather goods and apparel.  

Roto galvanics are performed on many materials such as iron, brass, stainless steel and zinc alloys. The purpose of this process is to prevent the oxidation of materials especially for leather goods and footwear accessories, which often undergo alterations due to their prolonged use.

Besides being of a superior quality, LGF products are also hypo-allergenic: since they come into contact with the skin, it therefore makes it necessary to eliminate the presence of materials like nickel and lead.

LGF is an excellence above all because it manages to concretely combine the skilful work of artisans with continuous technological improvements: the past and present work together with the objective of confirming LGF as a point of reference in the field of galvanics.

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