Teknomet srl

Painting of fashion accessories

What a Colourful World...

Born from the entrepreneurial intuition of Fabio Panico and Daniele Gualdani, since 2013 Teknomet has been a symbol of innovation and professionalism in the painting of fashion accessories and me- tal parts.

In a few years, Teknomet has become a reliable partner and workshop for the ideas of brands and companies in the sector, providing them with a custo- mer service that is active 24/7.

Our highly quali ed staff offers our clients the possi- bility of creating nishes suitable for their needs, supporting them technically in the choice of the most suitable paint. 2018 will also be the year of “TEKNOLAB”, the company’s pride.

Our laboratory will be equipped with latest generation analysis tools, capable of verifying the quality of incoming raw materials, to control the processing activities and to certify the nished product, in order to guarantee clients the excellence of our product.

For the future, Teknomet has planned new investments aimed at expanding the package of services to be offered.

Teknomet srl

Via Ponte all’Esse Vertighe, 6
Monte San Savino (AR)
Tel +39 0575.1651236


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