Italian Fashion Engineering

A new consultancy system for fashion companies

Italian Fashion Engineering: When engineering merges with fashion

When engineering and fashion come together: a new way of perceiving consultancy for Fashion Houses created by Aldo Paon, an engineer who, after having gained 20 years of experience working for the best Fashion Brands in the world in the Luxury and Premium segments with various assignments, decided to make his experience available to Fashion Houses.

Aldo Paon deals with the theme of global legislation in the Fashion sector. “IFE has created a comprehensive and exhaustive consultation tool regarding the regulations that affect the Fashion sector that is also agile and easy to access.

The system enables every Brand to always be up to date regarding all the active and soon to be issued regulations on a Global scale without having to acquire them and deal with their updates.”

The partnership with Italfimet Srl, a leader in the field of chemical processes that has made the history of the major Fashion Houses in terms of the research and development of processes for electroplating, as well as the collaboration with Cierre Srl, an accredited laboratory for chemical-physical analysis capable of carrying out performance tests on metals, fabrics, leathers and plastics makes this tool fully supported and validated.

Through these partnerships and collaborations, IFE projects itself into the future with the intention of opening new horizons for the Fashion Companies, guaranteeing them a complete high quality and unique service on the market.


Italian Fashion Engineering

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