Galvanic solutions for fashion accessories

i.Met, the Valmet Plating nickel-free solution

Valmet Plating studies chemistry for its decorative galvanic treatments, destined for precious and prestigious articles.

“i.Met” is the new process patented by VALMET that offers characteristics similar to nickel-phosphorus, while being completely nickel-free.

The strength of this highly brilliant deposit resides in the composition of the alloy, deprived of precious metals. Its structure ensures waterproofness from corrosive atmospheric events, avoiding and blocking the corrosion of the underlying metal.

Another distinctive feature of i.Met lies in its easy application both to glossy and satin finishes without altering the aesthetics of the object to be galvanized.

A particular feature of no small account is the absence of toxic metals and cyanide, in full compliance with the new regulations.

This feature, in addition to facilitating its use, makes it an ideal bronzing process substitute for the treatment of enamelled articles, keeping them protected.


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