Galvanic solutions for fashion accessories

Controlled quality, a precious commodity

Fashion shines thanks to electroplating, besides decorating, enriching and protecting from corrosion.

Valmet Plating is a company specialized in the production of galvanic processes with the capacity of satisfying the increasingly frenetic aesthetic and functional requests of the clients; the company has known how to transfer its skills acquired in the gold and silversmithing world to surface treatments for the world of fashion accessories, with meticulous attention and special care.

In its development, Valmet Plating has integrated and completed its assistance and consultancy services, devising the Imaging Laboratory, specialised in corrosion and accelerated wear analysis and functional tests capable of highlighting the limits of treatments that would otherwise only be detected over time.

Among the principal analyses carried out by the laboratory, the SEM EDS is noteworthy, capable of establishing the origin and causes of anomalies, bringing to light the phase in which the defects were generated during the production processes.

The instrumental results of the Imaging Laboratory are indispensable but would not be very useful if they were not examined, compared, and assessed by the in-house professionals, experienced in providing exhaustive answers and decisive indications with the purpose of satisfying the clients’ needs.


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Calenzano (FI)
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