CB Projet sas

Production of small leather goods and travel articles

A constant evolution in the sign of Made in Italy

 CB Projet is a brilliant manufacturing company specializing in the production of small leather goods and travel articles.

Since 1991, thanks to the more than thirty years of experience in the sector of the owner Claudio Bonucci, the company has established itself as a point of reference for all the industry professionals.

CB Projet has a staff of thirty-five highly skilled employees that carries out the entire leather goods production process in-house: from sample making to the finished product, all facilitated through technologically advanced machinery.

CB Projet collaborates alongside the most prestigious brands in the Luxury market, proposing itself as a specialist in the processing of exotic leathers. In particular, the company stands out for its complex rib work on fine leathers.

Moreover, thanks to Lorenzo, the family’s second generation, CB Projet also enters the world of engravings and milling with the creation of moulds and clichés of elevated and refined precision.

Artisanship and technology in the sign of real Made in Italy.

CB Projet sas

Via Indicatorio, 54
Signa (FI)
Tel +39 055.8797196


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