Pelletteria Alfieri

Women’s handbag manufacturing

Where Luxury sector ethics and excellence go hand in hand

As Giovanni, the founder and owner of Pelletteria  Alfieri affirms, “bygone values still endure” in his  company. Not only are the processes done with  purely artisan workmanship of exceptional quality,  but they also uphold moral values, the belief in
ethics and in the relationship with the employees.

Founded in 1980 and now run by the three Alfieri  siblings - Giovanni, Enrico and Antonella – Pelletteria  Alfieri produces women’s handbags for the most  important international fashion brands, where
technical ability and flexibility are its strengths.

In  recent years, the company has increased its client  base thanks to the exclusivity of its processes, which  focus on niche products that are in high demand in  the Luxury market.

Alongside the unchanged values  that characterize it, Pelletteria Alfieri now has a new  in-house production organization and is equipped PelletteriA AlFieri with technologically advanced machinery in order Località La Ruota  to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive Piancastagnaio (SI) market that increasingly targets excellence.


Pelletteria Alfieri

Località la Ruota
Piancastagnaio (SI)
Tel +39 0577.787726


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