BBC Pelletterie SRL

Leather goods for the luxury industry

Giving style a voice through innovation

A company that believes in the value of innovation, always ready to offer new proposals and ad hoc solutions to bring designers’ ideas to life through the development and production of leather goods.

BBC Pelletterie captured the trust of the main fashion players thanks to its extreme versatility in creating customized projects, even complex ones, combined with meticulous attention to detail.

Whether it be a small production, where the manual component is predominant, or an industrial quantity of an article, BBC manages each project in-house: from the development of the design, to the research of materials and the selection of accessories, up to the nished product.

Intuition, advanced technologies and artisan expertise enable the entire staff, starting from the modelling and prototyping department, to create a well-made product capable of giving a voice to a brand’s style.

BBC Pelletterie SRL

Via dei Ceramisti, 30
Lastra a Signa (FI)
Tel +39 055.8720696


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