Best Lab srl

Chemical and physical-mechanical analysis for high fashion

Non-stop Innovation 

Since 2005 Best Lab, located in Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI), supports companies that operate in the fashion sector and need to test quality, conformity and safety of their leathers, metal accessories and textiles through chemical analysis and physical-mechanical resistance testing.

The laboratory’s high-level professionalism and reliability are guaranteed by ACCREDIA accreditation on more than sixty-five methods of analysis and the attainment of compliance with CPSC regulations.

Demonstration of the company’s will to innovate is its development of new methods of analysis such as mechanical tests on die cast toys, where the company will continue to invest in order to provide an even broader service.

Timeliness and completeness of the services offered are its other strengths: the results are provided in 2-3 days and the service does not only provide the required tests, but a 360°collaboration with the client. Best Lab: a company that looks to the future with the aim of providing a comprehensive and personalized analysis service of the diversified demands of an increasing number of clients.

Best Lab srl

Via del Trebbio Nord, 27/29
S. Croce sull’Arno (PI)
Tel +39 0571.450266


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Best Lab srl Best Lab srl Best Lab srl BEST LAB BEST LAB