Ellegi Pellami Spa

Tanned leather for belt, footwear and high-end leather goods

Keeping our word is our best calling card

With his over 40 years of experience in the leather tanning industry, Luciano Pisano founded Ellegi Pellami in 1996 in Castelfranco di Sotto (PI).

The company provides the best quality cowhides in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and processes for the production of footwear and leather goods, particularly belts.

One of the company’s distinctive qualities is its production of square skins.In order to avoid unnecessary waste, the leather is cut in such a way as to be utilized 100% by the client.

Thanks to its vast expertise, the company has conquered the trust of its clients and suppliers over the years.Today, with pride and humility, Ellegi Pellami has become a point of reference for Luxury brands, assisting them in finding the most suitable solution for their every need.

The company’s competence is also reflected in the attention it dedicates to staff training and production methods, whose environmental impact is less than 30% compared to traditional procedures.

Ellegi Pellami Spa

Viale dell ́Industria Zona ind. Macrolotto
Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)
Tel +39 0571.479231
Web www.ellegipellami.it


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