Hand-made processes for the leather goods sector

The hands that weave Luxury

The leather-manufacturing sector in Tuscany expresses the artisan excellence that makes the difference in the famous brand and Luxury market.

Piana Group is a company that fully belongs to this world, thanks to a craft carried out with wisdom and passion, firstly by the owners: spouses Giuliano Piana and Tania Risaliti.

The work that characterizes Piana Group is the production of bag handles with threaded chains and handmade links.

But the spectrum of the “house specialties” is ample and well stocked: the creation of handles for bags using various techniques, knots, and wrapping also applicable to any type of article, application of metal accessories on bags and wallets, production of braiding for jewellery.

The list could continue indefinitely because as the owners of Piana Group say: «We create everything that implies using skilful hands in the field of leather goods, combining competitive prices with a quality top level artisanship». All elements that make this activity a precious resource of Made in Italy in Tuscany.


Via Statale, 244
51039 Quarrata (PT)
Tel +39 0573 705267


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