Art Lab

Hand finishing and digital printing

The modern leather artisans  

Art Lab Srl, located in S. Croce sull'Arno (PI), was founded as a veritable artistic laboratory at the service of the best fashion brands. During the company’s thirty years of activity, its technicians and staff have transformed traditional finishing into a pure art form, always creating new and customized articles.

The company's constant research is based on its understanding of traditional finishing products to be applied to leathers selected by its clients. They are then skilfully finished in various ways: through airbrushing, tamponade, inkjet and other manual or mechanical techniques.

Thanks to continuous experimentation with innovative techniques and products in the field of digital printing, Art Lab is now capable of offering its clients a complete range of printing techniques on every type of leather. A team complete with graphic artists is at the client’s service to develop and create customized and exclusive designs.

Every process takes place in-house: from the preparation to the final fixative and consequent testing. This is the true added value that sets the company apart on the market.


Art Lab

Via Lazio 17
Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI)
Tel +39 0571 366932