LBC luxury brands control

Industrial leather supply chain monitoring

The new era of quality control

With an innovative quality control system, LBC has revolutionized the standards of companies operating in the leather sector: the patented LBC method verifies the quantity and quality of leather and accessories, through the detection and categorizing of any defects present, thus optimizing production.

Inspection of leathers offers information useful to its cutting, through examination and the response of the useful areas of each controlled piece of leather, with the application of qualitative specifications correlated to the certified MID measurement, adopted by LBC for the first time in Italy.

The verification of accessories passes through the analysis of the possible source of defects, guaranteeing manufacturers the total control of the supply chain, thanks to the information gathered during the inspection.

LBC, with an expertise that does not fear comparison, provides a service of excellence to the best-known luxury brands, through inspections, technical consultations and accredited laboratory tests.

LBC luxury brands control

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