Calzaturificio Lovito

Customized artisan footwear production for high fashion


The real loafer entirely Made Italy 

With the care and skill typical of Made in Italy artisan workmanship, Calzaturificio Lovito has specialized in the entirely handmade production of loafers since 2009: from the tubular to the driving shoe variants and loafers, even with Blake stitched bottoms.

The company’s owner, Donato Lovito, has decades of experience in the footwear sector, and together with his staff of 30 employees, gives life to products of excellence that satisfy the most diverse market demands, meeting the expectations of the most important fashion brands.

The production, from cutting to finishing, takes place in-house and is characterized by extreme flexibility, capable of producing up to 500 pairs of shoes per day.


Calzaturificio Lovito

Via Temistocle Pace 39
Lamporecchio (PT)
Tel +39 0573 803827


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