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Sales and production of furs

Furs Made in Florence

Emilio Bellagambi comes from a family with a long tradition in the field of furs in Florence, where it has worked since 1921.

The Bellagambi furrier produces and offers a vast assortment of quality ready-made furs, set apart for their skilful workmanship and innate elegance.

Custom fur processing has always been the hallmark of the Emilio Bellagambi atelier: «No option is precluded from our clients -  explains Emilio Bellagambi – as I often tell them, paraphrasing the inscription which dominates Piazza della Repubblica in Florence: from ancient squalor we restore new life to their furs! A somewhat colourful explanation but one that describes what we are capable of doing through the redesigning of out-of-fashion apparel. The transformation of old furs is a winning combination. A feature that is very high in demand, for example a change of colour: natural colours are transformed into hues - at times extreme - like yellow, red, and electric blue. We can also transform furs into reversible garments, with the possibility of wearing them with the fur on the inside. The possibilities are therefore endless. Compared to the past, furs are a transgressive garment and, as is common knowledge, transgressions are all the rage. Transforming furs makes them even more of a unique and trendy object which, I have to say, is also very liked by young women».

The Bellagambi Atelier does not only make apparel, but can also create decor from an old fur: pillows, blankets, and ottomans  capable of conveying sophistication and style to every room.

There are also other services equally appreciated by our clients: cold fur storage during summer months (from Easter to November) in air conditioned armoured premises in order to ensure the best possible maintenance; fur cleaning and lightening, trade-ins and appraisal of used furs.

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