ACME srl

Metal accessories for leather goods

Small, big metal “sculptures” for the world of luxury items

With an artisan heart, but with the approach of a modern company, ACME has come a long way since 1968.

A production site equipped with state-of-the-art equipment enables ACME to carry out the most important processes of the company’s expertise: mechanical machining, engraving, welding, polishing, electroplating and assembly. 

From design to production, ACME works in synergy with the client to find the most suitable technical solution, bringing designers' ideas to life while complying with the conformity standards and regulations of each market.

For an increasingly high-performance service, the company has enhanced its design work, activating processes and software aimed at directly supporting the management program, so that the smallest technical detail is recorded from the creation of the prototype.

The company also invests in researching electroplating processes with a reduced environmental impact, in accordance with the REACH regulations. An example is the Nickel Free line and the cyanide-free bronzing process.

Last but not least is the improvement of the company’s human capital: in addition to its employees’ technical skills, ACME aims to enhance their soft skills by promoting a serene, fertile climate of ideas, oriented towards communication. Because excellence always passes through teamwork.


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