The analysis and adjustment of chemical treatments for metal surfaces

The future of electrochemical application and coating for the Luxury sector

With a consolidated presence in more than 60 countries, spread over 5 continents, 12 production sites and 9 R&D centres located all over the world (2 of which are in Italy), the COVENTYA Group develops, manufactures and distributes chemical specialties for surface treatments. Leather&Luxury met with Luca Romanò, a member of the group's management board. 

Mr. Romanò, tell us about technology and sustainability applied to COVENTYA products

«COVENTYA is very active in the field of sustainability and focuses its research and development activities on complying with and anticipating current regulations in terms of restrictions regarding the use of certain substances, guaranteeing aligned or superior performance in terms of durability of finished products. Organic or nanopolymer finishes used to guarantee the functionality and aesthetic appearance typical of artisanship provided by electrochemical finishes are among our achievements. We also focus heavily on reducing costs by limiting the use of precious metals, which are increasingly expensive, while still certifying the source of raw materials when they are needed to obtain finishes».

How can COVENTYA meet the increasingly challenging demands of Luxury brands?

«At this time, it is important that the Luxury brands clarify their objectives better: to date, many of the guidelines used to define the technical, functional, aesthetic and qualitative characteristics of the coating are made available by the formulators or applicators. It would be very important for COVENTYA to have greater transparency on this issue».

«Now is the time to take a step forward to ensure the sustainability of the product by collaborating effectively with Brands and their Product Quality managers and clarifying what the medium and long-term goals are. After this, COVENTYA is available to develop new shared technologies».


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