The analysis and adjustment of chemical treatments for metal surfaces

ANTIOX 414 SERIES - An economic and ecological corrosion barrier 

The COVENTYA company’s R&D department is always oriented towards sustainability in order to provide valid technical solutions with a low environmental impact.

The ANTIOX series, created to protect silver from its natural yellowing, evolves again towards hexavalent chemicals that are chromium free and alkylphenol free, as they are surfactants known for their sequestering and damaging power in galvanic water treatment.

The ANTIOX 414 version, the latest development of the series, is a process based on nano-technologies to protect the surface layer, with a particular compatibility with precious metals.

During the deposition phase, a thin organic layer is formed through covalent bonds and a protective mesh is created on the metal’s surface.

Due to the covalent nature of the bond, the nano-polymer layer becomes abrasion resistant therefore offering a long-term corrosion barrier for the treated article.

ANTIOX 414 passivation can be applied to every type of metal, with a special affinity to precious metals. It offers the surface a hydrophobic, anti-fingerprint property that prevents oxidation.

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