Scatolificio Isa srl

Perfection applied to packaging

Scatolifi cio ISA was founded in 1936 in Malmantile (FI)  by Ferdinando Santetti who, following the emergence  of many shoe factories, began procuring clients with his  shoes customized box production.

Since then, Scatolificio ISA has experienced a steady growth that has spanned three  generations: since 1998, Ferdinando and Simone Santetti,  the founder’s grandchildren, have owned and ably run the  company which has now become an absolute excellence  in the packaging sector for the fashion market.

Scatolificio  ISA has three centres of operations: one in Malmantile,  with a plant dedicated to production and storage, one  in Signa (FI) for production, and a third in Rosano, near  the Firenze Sud area, for global logistics, production and  marketing of additional box accessory articles.

The service that Scatolifi cio ISA offers its clients is  complete: in addition to box production, the company offers the graphic layout study of the product, and thanks  to its in-house printing facilities, it can take care of printing  the paper, and follow each production step.

“Although  every major box producer of this calibre uses the same  type of machinery – the owners state – that which sets us  apart is our continuous search for quality and perfection.”

Scatolificio Isa srl

Via di Poggio 13/b
50055 Malmantile (FI)
Tel +39.055.878124


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