Hostage s.r.l.

Hybrid fabric and leather processing for high fashion garments

Experimenting with fashion

Giampaolo and Azzurra Morelli founded hostage in 2006 with the intention of satisfying a growing market demand in the world of Luxury: bringing together hybrid fabric-leather processes in a single garment. Situated within the Pellemoda plant, the company includes the involvement of a third partner, Martino Mazzoni who has extensive experience in the textile industry.

Hostage focuses on a niche market at the highest level.
Thanks to the fusion of different artistic processes and intertwined materials, the company manufactures highly unique fashion garments: hybrid leather-fabric products, but also binding, direct injection on feathers, as well as laser and ultrasound techniques, all done in-house.

Innovation and training play a key role for Hostage, which thanks to innovative machinery and a qualified team, can make the impossible possible.

Hostage s.r.l.

Via Primo Maggio 12-14-16
Empoli (FI)
Tel 0571.1824100


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