LMW Luxury Materials Workshop

A course for designers and product managers who want to increase their expertise in the world of luxury

Lmw Luxury materials workshop has matured  20 years of experience in the RESEARCh AND  DEVELOPmENT of materials with some of the  leading industry Brands. It now organizes courses  for designers and product managers who want to  increase their technical expertise through the study  of materials and processes for the fashion industry,  investigating the technical limitations, costs and  quality, for those who consider this a   fundamental  requisite for developing new superior products that  are faithful to the made in Italy tradition.

A one-week  full immersion course is divided in two parts: the fi rst  part in the classroom and the second part at leading  companies in the sector. here  students can be fully  immersed in a productive reality to experience the  processes that give rise to their future ideas fi rsthand.  

The course is aimed at those who already work  in the fashion industry, as well as young aspirants  seeking success in the fi eld.

The intent of Lmw is  to pass on technical expertise to accompany the  talents of designers with the technical knowledge of  those are dedicated to product development.  

All this to form competent and creative professionals  who can follow the entire production chain,  and as a result, help them develop and acquire  the competences necessary to organizing and  implementing the quality assurance protocols of  high fashion products.

The course is specialized and  intensive: the duration is one week and focuses on  the explanation of main processes, industrialisation  methods, technical limitations, costs and quality; the  limited number of students guarantees the course’s  exclusivity and a direct relationship with teachers,  businesses and industry experts. The knowledge  of materials – particularly in the luxury sector – is  fundamental to ensure that good ideas are also business.

LMW Luxury Materials Workshop

Via Don Lorenzo Perosi 4
50018 Scandicci (FI)
Tel 348.5756907
Web www.giannivolpi.com/luxury-materials-workshop


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