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The Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection  and Quarantine (AQSIQ) decision to extend inspections  to all leather entering the country, shoes  included, is recent news.

Brachi Testing Services – a leading laboratory in quality  control for the textile and fashion industries, with  an internal division dedicated to leather and footwear  sectors – has informed its clients for some time,  leveraging the advantage represented by the presence  of one of its own offices in Hangzhou.  

What are the implications of this measure for Italian  companies?

According to Giulio Lombardo, Brachi  director of sales and marketing, they are not negligible.  Not only because leather represents a major  share of made in Italy, but also because our products  are not always capable of complying with the requirements  in the inspection phase.

«Every company in  the sector that sells to China - he explains - should  establish control plans suitable to evaluating and mitigating  the risks of commercialization in that market.  

Our laboratories in Prato and Hangzhou provide  complete support in this regard, from clarification of  the standards required for the type of product being  monitored up to the execution of the testing».

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