Scatolificio Porciani & Bianchi srl

Customized box and packing material production in a variety of types and materials

Fifty years of quality and experience in packaging

Founded in 1967, Scatolificio Porciani e Bianchi has a half century long history dedicated to the production of “wrapped boxes”, covered with the clients’ customized paper destined to preserving Luxury products.

This activity is still an important part of production and is still done manually. In 1977, with the relocation to its present site, production expanded to American boxes in all sizes with up to 3-colour prints, pre-mounted die-cut boxes with snap-bottoms, wine boxes and hot-print boxes. The company focuses on innovation and, equipped with a large plotter, it flexibly satisfies a wide range of samples and small productions. Not just boxes, but also innovative packing systems, thanks to its customized creation of internal components with stratocell and silicone rubber.

Experience, research and quality materials: there is no type of packaging that Porciani e Bianchi is not capable of accomplishing.

Scatolificio Porciani & Bianchi srl

Via Dante Alighieri 14
50019 Settimello (FI)
Tel +39.055.8825449
Web www.scatolificioporcianiebianchi