Tranceria Aggiunteria Frius

 Uppers and binding for footwear

When uppers are a family affair

A professional footwear model maker, Matteo Frius is the son of Mr. Saverio Frius, an artisan and entrepreneur, owner of the tranceria and binding company that bears his name, located in Lamporecchio (PT).

Matteo continues his own parallel activity alongside that of his family, managing the company at his father’s side while dedicating himself to his clients who increasingly value his work.

The Tranceria and Aggiunteria Frius is specialized in the cutting of uppers for footwear as well as in binding work, with special attention paid to particular high-level processes. Some examples?

Quality stitching on uppers and edges sewn with machinery especially adapted for processing. In addition, the entire in-house production is managed by a modern computerized line that optimizes efficiency, elevating the quality of the finished product even more.

A true excellence in the tradition of Made in Italy footwear.

Tranceria Aggiunteria Frius

Via Cerbaia, 279
Lamporecchio (PT)
Tel 0573.81178


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