Galvanica Formelli

Artistic galvanic treatments for fashion accessories

 Precious and exclusive finishes

Galvanica Formelli, a company based in Arezzo, has been active in the sector since 1999 when it was founded by Franco Formelli, and is now run by his son Alberto with passion and far-sightedness.

After years dedicated exclusively to the surface treatment of articles in gold and silver, in 2014 Galvanica Formelli gave its business a twist.

Thanks to Alberto Formelli’s intuition, the company turned to the fashion accessory sector soon gaining esteem from the most important international luxury brands in the world.

Galvanic Formelli can carry out a wide range of artistic finishes: nickel and palladium plating, passivation, vintage finishing, plating, bronzing, yellow stainless white bronzing, gold plating, ruthenium plating, silver plating, Golden Brow, Nickel Free and many others, even the creation of ad hoc solutions depending on specific client requirements.

To complete the service, the company also carries out laser marking on different types of metal with high precision and defining processes, creating bas-reliefs for enamelling and settings for stones.


Galvanica Formelli

Via Achille grandi, 12/A-B
Arezzo (AR)


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