Galvanica Formelli S.r.l.

Artistic electroplating for fashion accessories

Precious and exclusive finishes

The Galvanica Formelli company has been based in Arezzo since 1999. The company was founded on the experience of its founder, Franco Formelli followed by his son Alberto, who now runs the company with passion and foresight.

For years, the work at Galvanica Formelli was exclusively dedicated to the surface treatment of articles in gold and silver. Then, the turning point came in 2014: thanks to Alberto Formelli’s intuition, the company took off in the fashion accessory sector, quickly earning the esteem of the most important international Luxury brands in the world.

Galvanica Formelli can create a wide range of artistic finishes: nickel, palladium, passivation, vintage, plating, bronze, yellow bronze and white stainless steel bronze, gold, ruthenium, silver, golden Brow, Nickel Free and many others with the option of creating ad hoc

solutions depending on the clients’ specific requirements. Each process is rigorously carried out in-house, which is equipped with a department specifically dedicated to the timely control of the plating baths. The constant search for a quality product has moreover led the company to create an entire in-house department devoted to polishing.

This allows for corrections and timely interventions in order to obtain maximum quality and a variety of finishes.

To offer  an even more complete service, Galvanica  Formelli also does laser markings on different  types of metal, which allows for the creation  of extremely accurate and high-definition processes, creating bas-reliefs for enamelling and indentations for stone settings.

The  company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified, yet another recognition of its status of  excellence.


Galvanica Formelli S.r.l.

Via Achille grandi, 12/A-B
Arezzo (AR)


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Galvanica Formelli S.r.l. Galvanica Formelli S.r.l. Galvanica Formelli S.r.l. Galvanica Formelli S.r.l.