Euronastro srl

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Present on the market for over 30 years, Euronastro  is one of the most important producers of ribbons,  lace and trimmings in Italy.

Located in the heart of  the Prato textile district, the company offers high quality products to the most varied fields: from  fashion to lingerie, from household linens to bonbonnières, from confectionery to gift articles.

The entire production cycle takes place in its own  plants, which assures a constant monitoring of product  quality, and the quality of the threads and materials  used. This is the Euronastro secret to making  each product unique and meeting every one of its  clients’ needs.

Over the years, the precious wealth  of expertise and investments in advanced technologies  have made the company competitive on the international and Italian market.

Thanks to its continuously stocked warehouse, Euronastro is capable of shipping goods on the same day, thus ensuring  maximum client satisfaction.

Euronastro srl

Via Sironi, 7
59015 Loc. Seano - Carmignano (PO)
Tel 055.8705075


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