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Finishing and leather application


The revolution of leather finishing

Brotini Giampaolo Srl has been operating in the leather industry for more than thirty years. Over time, the company has specialized in third-party leather processing through the application of sequins, laminates, transfers, acid and thermoadhesive cards, flocking and blobbing.

Paying particular attention to tanneries, Brotini Giampaolo Srl has a customisable finishing and roller-staining department.

In order to strive to meet the increasing needs of its clients, in 2016, the company inaugurated Brotini Creative Srl, a new division equipped with a highly modern finishing system to ennoble leather, ideal for the leather goods and footwear sectors. It is an innovative and revolutionary system, which manages to conceal the defects of leather using less than 50% of finishing product compared to the traditional method.

Through this system, the quality/price ratio is optimized without altering the softness or the original structure of the treated leather.


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