Argo srl

Customized digital prints on leather

Riding the wave for fifteen years 

Always riding the wave.

This is the strength of Argo, a company located in Calcina (PI), specialized in digital printing on any type of leather and on any colour, be it white or black or laminated, for the leather, footwear, clothing and furnishing sectors.

To conquer the market it is necessary to intercept new ideas and to offer increasingly original solutions.

The company’s two young and brilliant partners know this well given the already wide range of processes offered ─ from printing on classic leather to faux leather, from flesh split to finished, up to fine leathers, with all-over printing or positioned on already cut squares ─ and, during the past year, the addition of new services for the clients.

Besides the new department for leather and footwear customizing, the company now also does engravings and laser or blade cuts on fabric and leather, positioned or all-over, and creates inlays, heat-sealing and padded relief work.

The creativity of Argo is never-ending: the ample catalogue of graphic designs, all customizable by size and colour, is enhanced every day with new designs, relief effects and fine textures. A team of 6 graphic designers follows the client from the development of the idea to the phase of sampling and printing, with courtesy, professionalism and competence.

The innovation continues, together with accurate work, having conquered the trust of famous fashion brands that have relied on the creativity of Argo for years.

Thanks to its ability to better interpret the needs of the client, the company can give designers’ ideas a soul, transforming them into products of effect.

Argo: a company always ready to accept new and exciting challenges. 


Argo srl

Via brodolini,16
56012 Calcinaia (PI)
Tel + 39 0587.488391


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