Ricamificio Creazioni Laura s.n.c.

leader in the embroidery sector

Ricamificio Creazioni Laura, based in Bottegone  (PT), was founded in 1990 and, thanks to a vast  wealth of artisan expertise combined with the constant  search for innovation and the use of advanced  technologies, has become one of the most established  companies in the embroidery sector.

The  company is capable of producing multiple types  of decorations and stitches: from the most traditional  terry stitch, chain stitch, cording, ribbon, and  sequin application, to more innovative ones like  pressed felt stitch and hemstitch, up to ultrasonic  applications of rhinestones and studs, pearl application  and laser engraving on any type of fabric.

Ricamificio Creazioni Laura also produces unique  place in different materials and various shapes and  sizes, working both on a single open garment, with  refined processes that go beyond the classic industrial  serial assembly, and on large quantities and   bolt production.

Thanks to this inseparable mix of artisanship, exclusive  processing, and use of a wide range of the  latest generation machinery, Ricamificio Creazioni Laura is capable of creating a sought-after high  quality and made in Italy product, working both on  single pieces, and on bolts and large surfaces.

In recent years, Ricamificio Creazioni Laura has specialized  in quilting and embroidery on leather, both  for the furnishing sector and for footwear and leather  goods sectors, becoming a point of reference  for the famous high fashion brands.  

Ricamificio Creazioni Laura offers an accurate and  personalized customer service and has an in house  office where a dedicated staff focuses on developing  and creating embroidery designs through special  punching software, thus guaranteeing prompt  processing and maintenance of its clients’ privacy.  

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