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New applications for precious metals

Founded in 1987, Cabro SpA is a chemical  company specialized in the production, processing and recovery of precious metals such as gold,  silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium and  iridium. After more than two decades of work and  experience in the field, in recent years the company  has intensified its Research and Development  laboratory, investing resources and energy in the  design of new products.

We met with Alessio Brogi, owner of Cabro SpA,  and asked him to explain the company’s work and Cabro’s potential interactions with the leather  goods sector.

Mr Brogi, how does your work interact with that of  the leather industry?

For nearly four years, in collaboration with academic institutions and CNR, Cabro began exploring the  world of nanotechnologies applied to precious  metals, creating a compound based on fluorescent  gold, which is especially suited to the traceability  and anti-counterfeiting industry. The product, which  is invisible in sunlight and chemically inert, is very  easy to diffuse and can be applied to any material,  from yarn to leather, to fabrics, plastics, and metals.

The technology, developed in our Research and  Development laboratories, makes reading the product possible with a specially designed tool,
capable of extrapolating an unequivocal code,  consenting those who wish, to make use of it to protect their objects with a discreet, invisible,unique and completely reliable fingerprint.

What relationship does Cabro have with its  clientele? Do they turn to your company with a  clear idea of the work they need done or do you  also guide them in the design phase?

Since the production is carried out entirely inhouse,  we can offer the utmost collaboration in  order to customize the product’s application, which can be detected as a QR Code, bar code,
alphanumeric code, etc.

In fact, our patented ink,  which is secret and inimitable, gave rise to the  trademarked SAFE 79 system, which integrates  with computer systems by means of an application  for tablets and smartphones, thus creating an easy  access to the World Wide Web. The collaboration  of our technicians is particularly important for the distinctiveness of our product, which can be used without particular assistance in the production process or for client investments.

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